SUPPORT LOCAL: An occasional post-covid column featuring the faces behind local businesses in our community.

This week we spoke to Barry Rogerson from B.Rex  Photo Design

When and why did you start B Rex photo design? 

I started B.rex Photo Design around 20 years ago as a small business resulting from working for Pete Coddington at Heart & Soul in Hamilton. I started supplying his store with small prints framed with recycled timber, then framed some of local Raglan artist Ken Thomas’s artworks and basically it grew from there.

What came first – photography or framing?

Photography came first as I developed an interest and inspiration through surfing magazine photos and spending time with Raglan photographer Jwan Milek in the 70’s.

How did you learn the art of framing?

I am basically self taught and learnt the craft of picture framing by default and trial and error.

What do you most like to photograph?

I mostly like to photograph seascapes & landscapes, trying to find interesting angles, different viewpoints and moods.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I really enjoy being in business in my hometown, especially meeting people and being able to offer a service framing their various works of art & items that are special to them.

What are the challenges you face?

I don’t seem to have too many challenges facing me at the moment.  I have had issues with supply of raw materials but that has improved significantly in the last few weeks. I have a steady flow of work coming in and retail sales have been steady since the end of lockdown.

How did you cope with lockdown on a personal and business level?

Lockdown turned out to be ok on a personal level, as it gave me a much needed break and Raglan was a great place to be. On a business level I was lucky to have a small backlog of work and was grateful to have some government assistance to get through.

What business plans do you have for the coming months?

For the coming months I don’t have too much planned, just hoping things continue as they are and my website continues to grow a bigger customer base. I am looking forward to summer though.

What services do you offer?

The services I offer are; General framing of photographs, artworks, certificates etc.  as well as frame and glass repairs. I can also offer photo printing, some touch up and printing of old photos and I retail sales of my photos, framed and in print form of various sizes.

How do people contact you?

People can contact me by phone/txt at 0210410374. Email and through my website at