What To Expect From A Naturopathic Consultation

Our clients come to see us for a variety of reasons; stress, anxiety, low mood, frequent infections, allergies, sinus congestion, trouble sleeping, fertility, PMS, menopause, digestive disturbances, fatigue, skin troubles, allergies, joint pain, the list goes on. Some don’t even have a specific reason beyond simply wanting to feel as good as they can or wanting to prevent future ill-health! No matter the reason, we are happy to help.

A private consultation provides you the opportunity to fully explore your health in-depth with your practitioner. During the initial consultation (1 hour) you will be given the chance to discuss any concerns you have with your health, or areas you would like to see improvement in. Your practitioner will guide you with a wide range of questions covering past and present health, your diet, and lifestyle. Trust us, the time flies by, and our clients often tell us that the consultation alone was incredibly beneficial and insightful!

We know that sometimes a small town can cause hesitation around seeing a local practitioner, so we wish to reassure you that your privacy is so important to us. Everything discussed during your consultation is kept confidential. We also see clients both in-person and online, so no matter your location, should you wish to have the consult from the privacy of your own home that’s fine by us.

Working one-on-one with a practitioner also provides a wider range of possibilities when it comes to your health:

Access to practitioner-only supplements and herbs. These often have higher doses than what you would find on the shelf or may contain ingredients that you are only able to be prescribed after a consultation with a qualified naturopath. They are also higher quality and less likely to contain binders, fillers, or other undesired ingredients that can affect their effectiveness. This means better results for you!

Referral for functional tests, for example assessing your hormone levels, food intolerances, metabolic markers, or the gut microbiome, to name a few. This can provide extra clarity in particularly tricky or long-standing health conditions.

Not to mention, you get a partner in your health journey! There is so much health information out there, your practitioner is here to help you navigate the world of natural health and ensure you are only taking what you need and not what you don’t, saving you money in the long run!

If you are curious about whether a consultation may offer benefits to you, giveusacallon078257444andaskto speak to one of our naturopaths for a free, no-obligation chat about the areas of your health you would like to improve.

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