Artist Profile:Zasha Skye

Zasha Skye’s individual flare and groove are undeniably evident. I met with the artist, Skye, to chat all things about her works and life as an artist. 

Skye’s medium is predominantly oil in which she works her magic. Her paintings are usually portraits, in which a theme of feminine empowerment naturally occurs. She sells these works as both originals and prints, available at Jet for purchase. 

The artist attends Whitecliffe where she studies fine art however still comes home to Raglan every weekend and as much as possible -as it is home to herself, and the community has given her so many opportunities for which she is thankful. Skye also appreciates the art scene in Raglan and the number of like-minded creatives within the community. The artist is also enjoying her studies, explaining how she is studying alongside all art students at Whitecliff, such as fashion photographers, which allows room for diversity and inspiration. 

Skye’s work really speaks for itself with its beautiful intricacies being the result of talent and hard work. When I asked about the meaning behind her works, Skye explained that there’s no complete theme nor determinant behind them. Rather, every work should have some meaning or deeper message-even if it’s just an emotion that has been captured within the moment of creating. 

Some of Skye’s most recent work is the collection of stickers Skye created in her last semester. My favourite among these was a stencil styled print of a polar bear, along with the message ‘lucky for you, it cant hire a lawyer’. Some of the stickers among the collection alluding to climate change were planted around Auckland city, the perfect place to serve as a gentle reminder to viewers to care about the environment. The artist wants people to ‘get thinking’ which she achieves. Skye’s stickers have also been planted around Dunedin and the town here in Raglan. 

Zasha Skye is a woman on a mission, and I think she is going to achieve some pretty radical things. The artist is creating works intuitively and doing what makes her feel good. Her playing along with messaging matched with her undeniable creative talents has made some pretty iconic works and I can’t wait to see Skye’s future works and see how she grows as an artist. 

Zasha Skye’s works are available in Jet and she is open to commissions-her Instagram is @zashaskyepainted 

Leilani Goodall