A Message From the Raglan Police

Over the last two weeks there have been fifteen dishonesty offences, including burglaries, shoplifting, fraud and unlawfully taking of motor vehicles. 

It is getting to that time of year again where dishonesty offences and thieving ramps up.

 Although it is looking different this year with Covid restrictions, please be vigilant. Far too often, with burglaries and thefts, premises and cars were left insecure; please ensure you lock up and secure your belongings. 

One person is in custody and charges are pending for dishonesty offending and two other people have been identified and are now sought by Police for further dishonesty offences.

Infringement notices are continuing to be issued for breaching Covid restrictions. I am sure everyone can agree that you would rather see us focus on our business as usual, – so please, abide by the rules; if in doubt, ask. 

Two more vehicles have been impounded because of doing burnouts and another two people have been processed for drink driving in the last two weeks. Expect to be breath tested at anytime of the day or night. If your vehicle is involved in boy-racer activity then expect it to be impounded; we are taking a very strong approach to this behaviour. 

Finally, be safe, be kind and remember to look out for one another.

From Snr Const. Andrew Murphy and the Raglan Police Team