A message from the chamber

And just like that, things are being put into a new perspective and our little islands seem to be a rather appealing place to call home, still.

Adapt and figure it out as we go seems to be the common theme lately.

The Raglan business community has shown incredible strength over summer, handling busy days with minimal staff and small teams, always in the unknown of what the day might bring. Wonderful collaborations and staff sharing ideas are being road tested as I write this.

Now, moving into autumn, we are starting to see some space in our schedules to regroup and perhaps take a breather for ourselves. Some have already started to make physical changes to store fronts and interior spaces with the intention to “be ready” and accommodate further, possibly longterm-ish changes to how we interact with each other.

Within the Raglan Business Chamber we have had the opportunity to introduce a new digital series, in collaboration with DTI lawyers, where we get to bring up to date information on business and employment law to our members regularly; making sure we are in the know with the ever changing landscape of the traffic light system. The first replay of the series on managing the aftermath of the current Omicron wave as a business is now available in our Member Resource library.

And we are looking forward to a light hearted networking and summer celebration event on the Wahinemoe together with our valued members; this is on the cards for this month.

 I personally had the chance to meet with Fiona Gates, the new owner of the Raglan Hotel. Naturally I was curious to hear about her plans with the ‘Old Lady’ and I am pleased to report there are some exciting shifts on the horizon. Fiona is a true power woman – not wasting any time she has already started to give the restaurant and garden bar a bit of a facelift, adding a modern touch while respecting and highlighting the history within those walls. And that is just the beginning. If you haven’t yet, go take a look for yourself.

 Those of you who are coming to the Raglan Boat event, please check your member email and reserve your ticket today. We look forward to celebrating with you!

– Raglan Business Chamber