Karioi Project: Beyond the mountain to the sea

Beyond the mountain to the sea, the Karioi Project links two maunga, two harbours, wetlands and streams to protect biodiversity on more than 23,000 ha.

Time and time again, people in the Whāingaroa community have told us about the positive impact that a decade of predator control and biodiversity restoration has achieved for wildlife and birdsong in Whāingaroa / Raglan. 

We want to keep doing everything we can to restore our little corner of the world. Imagine kiwi, kereru and kākā right on your doorstep and penguins waddling down the beach!  

A forest alive with birdsong and our kids enjoying the rewards of decades of hard work – the restoration of our unique mountain to sea landscape.

People have been motivated to help the Karioi Project because they love being in nature, or exercising in wild places, or spending family time together, or just lending a helping hand and being part of a caring community.

With your support, we can continue the work we started more than a decade ago…

We’re very excited to start our very first crowdfunding campaign because charity fundraising has been hit hard by the pandemic. 

Many grant funders have changed their priorities in response to the impact of COVID-19, making fundraising through grants even more competitive and challenging – or you could say – sometimes nearly impossible! 

So, we’re now calling on our community to back the Karioi Project through a crowdfunding campaign.

 We would be hugely grateful if you could support our campaign in your own unique way!