Natural Support for Long Covid & Post-Viral Fatigue

Post-viral fatigue is a well-known response that can follow an acute viral infection, where symptoms may change and become more ‘chronic’ or long-term in nature. 

These symptoms may include muscle or joint pain or weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, low mood, headaches, brain fog, persistent cough, post-nasal drip, or changes in digestion, to name a few. This has been a commonly reported experience for many following acute Covid infections, and we’ve seen a number of customers in the past month with these symptoms. 

A variety of factors can contribute to lasting post-viral fatigue including changes to sleep patterns such as over- or under-sleeping, nutritional deficiencies, demanding work and other responsibilities, over- or under-exercising, and heightened anxiety or stress. Fortunately, there are many ways to naturally support your body in rebuilding strength, immunity and resilience after immune challenges such as Covid.

Firstly, recognise that the symptoms you are experiencing are real; be kind to yourself, and explain how you are feeling to family, friends and colleagues. Continue supporting yourself using the nutritional and lifestyle tools for Covid prevention/recovery and immune function that we have written about previously. 

Alongside these tools, herbal medicine has a powerful role to offer, supporting symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, low energy, low mood, and lingering cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system symptoms. 

Adaptogens are medicinal plants that promote balance in the body; they possess properties which support and strengthen body systems compromised by stress. They work by supporting stability in the hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal glands, thus modulating the release of stress hormones. This leads to their array of beneficial effects including the potential to enhance mood, energy and immune function.

Below are a few of our favourite adaptogenic herbs for supporting post-viral fatigue and related symptoms. 

Siberian ginseng acts as a mild stimulant, wonderful for supporting energy levels and immunity, alongside being a general tonic herb.

Astragalus is an adaptogen with a particular affinity for strengthening the immune system, especially during recovery and convalescence, as well as supporting cardiovascular health.

Withania, also known as Ashwagandha, supports immunity as well as nervous system function to gradually build strength and resilience, whilst reducing stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen which can be both stimulating or sedating for the nervous system, depending on the dose. It supports physical endurance, and enhances cognition, mood and energy levels.

Turkey tail is a medicinal mushroom with a longstanding traditional use for enhancing immunity. It has powerful antiviral and antioxidant properties which help support post-viral recovery. 

At the Herbal Dispensary we have three qualified naturopaths and medical herbalists available 7 days a week, offering personalised information and support for our community. 

We can provide specific advice tailored to your individual needs and blend up personalised herbal tonics, which we are more than happy to provide following a free, over the counter chat or phone call – no need to book in. For longer or more persistent conditions, we recommend booking a full-length consult in our clinic. 

Natural medicine is a wonderful, valuable, and accessible tool with a powerful and unique role to offer in supporting post-Covid recovery, particularly in areas where Western allopathic medicine currently has limited options to offer. 

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