Raglan Community Radio launches new website

We’re very excited at Raglan Community Radio at the moment because we finally have our new podcasting system up and running. 

Big thanks to the Community Access Radio network, who basically gifted their system to us; you can now visit our website and immediately find podcasts, articles and the ‘listen live’ button to click on the front page – no messing around.  

Our old setup was thrown together with whatever we could find and it would take quite a bit of effort to get to a podcast. To be honest we’re amazed it got used as much as it did.

Don’t forget if you want to catch up on a show you missed or an interview, just go to raglanradio.com. If it’s a recent podcast it will be on the front page, otherwise you can click on the Shows & Podcast tabs.

We’re also looking to improve our written article section and are working on a what’s-on guide as well. There should be enough happening that it will be worth checking in each day.

As always the station is open to anyone who wants to do a radio show, but we’re now able to offer podcasting as a genuine option for anyone who wants to do that as well. Your podcast would be available on our online player but can also be shared to larger podcast services like Apple podcasts and Spotify. Search ‘Raglan Community Radio’ through Apple or Spotify to locate our podcast episodes.

And finally a big shout-out to our latest show Kupu Café with Whaea Lucy and Yvonne. Whaea Lucy teaches conversational Te Reo and you can check out the latest podcast on Wednesday mornings; go to the archive to learn from episode 1, or catch the show live at 4pm Tuesdays on 98.1FM or streaming live on raglanradio.com.