Raglan Naturally fostering community connection

Held over 10 days between 18-27 March, Neighbour’s Day is a nation-wide initiative that  celebrates community connectedness, resilience and manaakitanga. 

Locally in Whāingaroa, the inititaive was supported by the Raglan Naturally team to foster community resilience through networking and connection.

“It was great to see different ages participating, and to be connecting with our rural communities,” said Raglan Naturally Community-Led Development Coordinator Gabrielle Parson. 

Neighbour’s Day 2022 encouraged people to connect with their neighbours in some way, through a simple act like sharing a greeting card or some baking. Raglan residents shared the various ways they connected with their neighbours with some sending thank you cards, and others sharing jams and cakes.

There were even participants that set up an awesome community trampoline in their neighbourhood. Gabrielle thanks everyone for sending through the cool stories happening around town for Neighbour’s Day 2022.

Communities are made stronger through the quality of our connections with others. Raglan Naturally are facilitating a number of events throughout the year aimed at creating opportunities to connect and strengthen community resilience.

Keep an eye on the Raglan Naturally Facebook page for upcoming community events: facebook.com/RaglanNaturally