La la land expands to Christchurch

What are the new developments at La La Land in Raglan? 

Upstairs of La La Land a European Eatery is being built. It’s happening slowly but surely; the excitement and appetites are definitely growing.

The Pandemic has challenged the eatery project for some time now but I believe energy and persistence will conquer all things, so… keeping my focus and drive and excitement up and looking forward to the new creation opening its doors to the world soon, hopefully this winter. 

The menu remains semi secret, but will definitely bring ‘home’ to many Europeans living in NZ and hopefully many tasty memories to those who have travelled overseas before.

And I hear a new La La Land in the south. Why did you decide to expand into Christchurch?

Christchurch was my home for 6 years before I settled in Raglan. I have long term friendships there. I love maintaining a big sentiment and open heart for Ch’ch as a city that was challenged so many times. I definitely want to be one of the businesses that will make the city smile more often.  Two La La Lands in Ch’ch are already warming many hearts, one for almost two years now and another one since 4 weeks ago. Feeling very lucky and privileged to be able to serve people all around NZ, but Ch’ch has had a special place in my heart for 11 years now. That city shared its heart with me  – I am now returning the love. 

I’m sure it was a lot of hard work to set up. Are you happy with the result? Is it similar to Raglan?

The whole Ch’ch La La Land team feels extremely loved and appreciated by many happy and already regular customers. It was hard work, it always is, but the reward is priceless, worth every challenge. 

It is inspired by Raglan, it has its characteristic twists to it though that makes it unique. No La La Land is the same and I would love to embrace the differences as much as to celebrate the connection there is between them all. 

I wouldn’t grow without Raglan though – I have all the courage and confidence from my Raglan customers who made me believe what I am doing is making a difference. I am deeply grateful for my Raglan customers being so supportive and encouraging. Raglan will definitely be in the heart of each La La Land I’ll create now or in the future. La La Land is definitely organically Raglan Made. 

Are you feeling optimistic moving forward after the disruptions to hospo in the last few years?

Definitely. It can only get better. My 3 teams of staff are sharing my believe the best is yet to come. 

Thank you Raglan and Thank you Christchurch.

La La Land is growing because of your support and love. We will keep returning the love for as long as possible.