Wharf Gallery – Gallery space by the sea

With two degrees in fine art and a fathomless appetite for art, when Sharon O’Brien retired, she oscillated between pursuing art as an artist or opening a gallery. 

She opted for a contemporary gallery space by the sea and The Wharf Gallery opened its doors in 2020. During 6 weeks total, a team of local workers redesigned the space to a high-end gallery standard: painted the walls white, built internal walls, refitted the floors and added lighting systems. 

Equipped with a background in cinematography and literature, Elisabeth Denis works hand in hand with Sharon to organize thought-provoking narratives. 

“In the past 2 years, we hosted 50+ artists, and 10+ exhibitions. This year, we are introducing established artists. Starting in May, we have monthly exhibitions coming up. The discourses will be yours to follow online: on our website and social media pages.” 

W: www.thewharfgallery.com

I: @thewharfgallery