Raglan Tiny homes

Jacqui caught up with Eve and Chris from Raglan Tiny homes following their open day in the weekend to showcase their new builds.

When did you start Raglan Tiny Homes and why?

We’ve always had a fascination for tiny homes and loved idea of having a smaller foot print, living with ‘less‘ as well as the financial perks. We also saw it as an opportunity to dodge the crazy Raglan rental market. That’s why we built the original Raglan Tiny Home back in 2016 which organically evolved into the business it is today here in Te Mata. With an epic local team, we build everything in the workshop and supply homes all over New Zealand. Our why behind what we do now hasn’t really changed, it’s about building homes for a better way of life, for you and the environment. We’ve been living tiny ever since and still loving it. 

What different models do you offer?

We have all sorts! From the 10sqm Studio to our biggest, most popular model being our INDI – two bedroom/double lofted family home. We also have single story models too, our WHALE and our MANU models, which are great for those who don’t like stairs or lofts. 

What are the different ways that people utilize tiny homes?

Most people live in our homes full-time, but we have done batches, rentals, studio/offices, and airbnbs.

How do you think the Raglan community could benefit from the tiny home movement?

There are two ways we see it. 1. Helping first home buyers own their own home that has the flexibility to move with them, and to step away from renting. 2. Home/batch owners investing in a tiny home to live in or airbnb out, therefore freeing up their home for long term local renters or vice versa. 

What is the timing involved with the builds?

We allow 3 months for our builds but this also depends on the work load of how many homes we have on the go.

How do the costs compare with more standard sized builds?

In today’s crazy housing market our tiny homes are attractive to the pocket, yet are still beautiful, high end and functional for full-time living. If you work it out per square metre rate, tiny homes are naturally going to come in at a higher rate due to the fact the entire home is in a smaller foot print – each square meter counts!

How do people see more of what you do and how do you they get in touch if a Tiny Home works for them?

You can reach us through the platforms below – we’d love to hear from you! 

Email: Chris@raglantinyhomes.co.nz

Chris: 027 6555078 


Instagram/Facebook: @raglantinyhomes