The Ultimate Raglan Music Selection

To celebrate Aotearoa Music Month, the Raglan Community Radio crew are putting together the ultimate Raglan Music Selection playlist over on Spotify and YouTube.

From the likes of Midge Marsden to Cornerstone Roots, Anna Coddington and Muroki, not only is our town home to some top level musical talent, it has also served as inspiration for some catchy tunes.

Throughout the month of May, the Raglan Community Radio DJs will be playing plenty of Raglan music on their shows so make sure you tune in for inspiration and listen to some awesome music              from Raglan.

You can head over to Spotify or YouTube to check out the playlists and let the Raglan Community Radio crew know if you want to submit your favourite Raglan song to the lists.

Later on in the month there will be an opportunity to vote for your favourite tracks so keep an eye on their social media channels and listen in to keep up to date with the selection process.

More information about the Raglan Music Selection here:

Raglan Community Radio