Economies for people not profit!

Sound too good to be true? Not to Raglan TimeBankers! We are having fun sharing skills, borrowing, lending, running workshops and helping each other. 

TimeBanks use time instead of money as a currency, so everyone’s contribution is recognised and valued equally. Each hour spent is one TimeCredit, we exchange these time credits to obtain the services we want. 

“My ukulele timebank exchange opened a door into the wonderful world of music. Timebank member Penni answered my request for ukulele lessons. She was so good, I persuaded her to run a timebank ukulele workshop for beginners. Two workshops later we had enough keen beans to start our own band! Now named the Blister Sisters, this ukulele group, started through the TimeBank, is hot to trot and playing gigs around Raglan.”, says TimeBanker Di Jennings. 

Suz Hall adds, “Through this journey, I have met amazing people, and have also developed a whole new understanding of music and how it comes together. There have been further timebank exchanges with ukulele players. For example, someone pruned my fruit trees, and I taught people how to make apple cider.”

Timebank builds community through enabling members to meet new people helping us learn new skills. And in the case of the ukulele group, has brought fun and enjoyment to many Raglan people.

Inspiring? Join us at

Economies for People not Profit

Come and learn new cooperative ways to financially support each other 

Saturday 23 July 

10 am to 12 noon

A facilitated workshop/conversation with Bryan & Jo Innes from Living Economies on new economic approaches including timebanks, local currencies, savings pools, and land trusts