Raglan Love stories

Bucko + Shannon

How did you first meet?

Shannon / We were both working on boats that had the same owner; they would travel around together in the summer. A night in Montenegro mid season, my Captain locked us all out and told us not to come back for a while so we went adventuring with Bucko’s crew and so began our story.

 Bucko/Half way through the season in beautiful Montenegro we got given tickets to some DJ and a night of laughs drinks and fun, and I was very taken by a very tall Kiwi brunette with a wonderful smile.

 Was it instant and easy or were there a few hurdles?


It was easy when we could manage to see each other. The boats sometimes travelled together and sometimes didn’t, and boats can sometimes be run like a military regime so we tried to hide our growing relationship for a few months from the crew and the guests. On the last charter of the season the boss raised a glass and said to the newest couple of the season Shannon and Bucko and totally blew our cover.

 I was also going through a no-technology phase so I think Bucko’s first present to me was a phone so he could call me. This was a hurdle. haha


Instant and easy for me, harder for Shannon as she didn’t have a phone and I could only wave at her across the water.

  What attracted you to her/him at the beginning?


Bucko’s Bucko-ness; if you’ve met him you will know. He’s a rare breed of human.


 Shannon is a life lover with endless energy and was always up for any adventure.

  When did you know it was more than a thing, and something official and long lasting? 

 Shannon / At the end of that first season my Captain let me sail back from Greece on Bucko’s boat as an extra crew member. This definitely allowed me to see us with more of a life together, and then I brought him back to Raglan to meet my people. The position of chef came up on his boat so I was able to join. If you can live and work in a small space together with your partner as your Captain and still be happy I reckon you can make it anywhere.


The way Shannon cared for me when I nearly died, when my appendix burst a day before crossing the Atlantic. But also pretty quickly as Shannon bought me back to Raglan to meet her people, and after only 6 months together we bought our place; that was a pretty official and long lasting decision haha.

 What quality do you most love about your partner today?

 Bucko’s the kindest and most compassionate person you will ever meet. 

 Shannon has an unflagging passion for life, people and has time for everybody including me luckily.

 Are you married? and why/why not?

 Shannon / Yes we are married. I had always maintained that I didn’t think it was necessary to partake in a patriarchal institution like marriage and had expressed this to Bucko several times. Then a day before we were supposed to leave to sail across the Atlantic Ocean Bucko got really sick and his appendix exploded and he nearly died. I had to nurse him back to health and during that time I realized I could not imagine life without him. I proposed.


Yes we are married because Shannon couldn’t find me a birthday present. She proposed to me on my birthday at the top of the rock of Gibraltar surrounded by monkeys.

How do you maintain a long-term loving relationship?


Sacred Sundays – our day off together where we are each other’s priority. Communicate your feelings and keep the love flowing people.


You need to still do adventures together, roadies and sailing trips. Cooking together is the glue for us and a good dance always helps as well.

  What’s your advice when things get tough?

 Shannon / A sense of humour, no matter how bad the jokes are, goes a long way. Let there be spaces in your togetherness. Communication is so important and a little nugget of wisdom from my grandma, try to never leave the house angry at each other.


There are always going to be hard times but the good times normally outweigh them; focus on those. 

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