She Loves Golf returns

After a very successful 4 week series was held in March this year, the ‘She Loves Golf’ programme returned to the Raglan Golf Course for the second time on Tuesday 14th November offering introductory golf skills, camaraderie, and fun to the fairways! 

‘She Loves Golf’ is a Golf NZ initiative, designed to offer an organised short taste of golf for women, new and not so new to the game, looking to learn the basics. 

She Loves Golf organiser Robyn Aim, is delighted at the 21 registrations. 

“We all had to start somewhere, and this is an easy introduction to learn how to hit golf balls. The programme consists of Coach Ray Davies spending 30 minutes teaching the basics, then with the help of some of our regular members giving tips, the ladies play some fun Ambrose golf. This is followed by refreshments and fun prizes, which are just as important as golf; it’s all very low key and fun.” 

The programme runs for a month. 

Off the tee…. Pete Aim

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