Understanding the Covid-19 lag

While the community is in lockdown, it is important to understand why we have to be patient, to see the effects of the lockdown on the exponential growth rate of Covid-19 cases.

As of April 2, total cases in New Zealand were:

Confirmed cases: 723

Probable cases: 74

Total confirmed and probable cases: 797

Number of Cases in hospital: 13

Number of recovered cases: 92

Number of deaths: 1

We are currently at the start of week 2 of the lockdown so we can expect to continue to see a rise in cases.

The Government this week has also loosened restrictions around testing so in the coming weeks we can expect to see an increase in case numbers as more people become eligible for Covid-19 testing.

We won’t really know how well our efforts to stamp out this virus have been until we get to around week 3-4 of the lockdown.

What’s important is that we all stay in our bubbles and try our best to restrict our movement in order to stop  the spread of Covid-19.

Stay home unless to access essential services.

Need to exercise? Take a walk around your neighbourhood and remember that if you are driving to exercise, it’s not exercise!

We know it’s hard but emergency services have asked that people also stay away from the water in case something happens  to you and it leads to  causing unnecessary pressure on emergency services.