Cats require regular grooming too

Although we often tend to think that cats can sufficiently care for themselves and keep their coat healthy and clean, this is not always true.

Some cats, particularly the medium and long haired types, often require a little help when it comes to keeping their coat clean and their knots and mats at bay.

This is especially so for cats who are a little older and may have some underlying arthritis/joint pain and stiffness, making them less flexible than they used to be. Overweight cats also find it a lot more difficult to keep themselves well groomed, as they simply cannot reach certain areas to keep themselves clean and mat free. When cats get matted fur, this becomes a problem for multiple reasons: the mats are close to the skin and become tight, pulling on the cats sensitive skin – this can create sores.

The skin cannot be groomed under the mats, so the skin can become dry, flaky, and itchy. Another commonly seen problem in clinic is that fleas have the ability to easily hide under matted fur, thus irritating the cat to no end, but preventing them from tending to these itches.

For cats, not being able to sufficiently groom and keep themselves mat and dirt free is often very stressful and upsetting, as cats like to be very meticulous and clean creatures, especially when it comes to grooming. All in all, cats with matted fur are uncomfortable, unable to properly tend to their natural duties (keeping their coat and skin clean and healthy), and this generally causes them to be unhappy.

As a responsible pet owner, if you have a cat with a medium or long length coat it is important to groom them regularly, ideally at least twice a week. It is best to first introduce your cat to a brush and to being groomed as early as possibly, ideally as a kitten. This however is not always possible, and some cats will simply not tolerate being groomed – if you find this to be the case with your cat, it is important to be as proactive as possible by bringing your cat into your local Anexa clinic for a regular groom. If you have been unable to manage your cats long coat and it has already become matted, please book in for your cat to be groomed and possibly also clipped by one of our friendly nurses.

For more information on getting your cat used to grooming, booking in for a groom/clip with a nurse, or if you are unsure in regards to the type of brush appropriate for your cat, please contact our clinic on 07 825 8390.