Raglan Community House Opportunity Shop is moving up

The Raglan Community House Opportunity Shop has moved upstairs for a brighter retail outlook.

House manager Mike Rarere is excited by the move and believes it increases the profile of the shop and makes it more accessible to the wider community.

“The feedback about the other shop was it was difficult to find,” he says.

“We can better support our volunteer workers now and the shop is more user-friendly for all the community.”

Providing public toilet facilities, the community house is often the first pit stop for out-of-towners and Mike says the op shop is now in a prime position to capture these potential customers.

In the future, he plans to encourage youth to volunteer at the shop to gain retail experience and hopes to set up a coffee machine to provide barista training.

Like all community organisations, Raglan Community House is reliant on grants and funding, and the relocation is part of a long term strategic plan to improve the sustainability of the community house.

The basement area previously occupied by the shop is being developed into a multi-purpose venue for meetings, staff training, youth activities and provides back-up space for town hall events such as Art to Wear.

Mike is also keen to promote the facility for corporate events, and says Raglan’s cafes and outdoor activities are a drawcard for team building exercises for businesses in the wider Waikato.

The improvements will also include moving the basement door to improve accessibility and landscaping the downstairs outdoor area.

Mike is grateful for the support and hard work of volunteers, especially Bob and Sue Noble, and Helena Gillett.

Janine Jackson