Dear Editor – Litter

On my daily walk to Lorenzen Bay I frequently find empty cardboard containers. They have been thrown away off the steps instead of being taken to a nearby rubbish bin or their own home. I suspect teenagers of this crime against the environment but it might be adults who should know better.

I may sound like a grumpy old man, but we live in a beautiful town and littering is an anti-social act. A more serious mess is caused when blue bags are put out on the evening before the collection round. Some dog owners don’t have time to walk their pet during the day and let them roam at night. A dog can quickly pick up the interesting odours from a blue bag and scratch their way in.

I hate seeing the mess of a bag remains after an animal has destroyed it. But it does give me an insight into the domestic life of the household. Do you want to give passers-by this insight into the secrets of your home? It would be like going to pick up your daily paper naked. So here endeth today’s sermon. Pick up carelessly dropped waste and avoid elderly gentlemen like me the danger of bending over to pick it up and possibly falling on our face in the mud.

Ian McKissak