Dear Editor – My last piece, Farewell Ian McKissak

This will be my last piece for the Chronicle before I go to my Cascades retirement unit number 22. But I hope to send in a couple more pieces, eventually, as a guide to others who are considering the same step.

I’ve lived in Raglan for 17 years, the longest I’ve lived in one place for all of my 83 years. But enough of this old stuff; I frequently have a bee in my bonnet and today is no exception.

It is annoying enough to answer the phone and, after a few pleasantries like “how are you today?” or “lovely weather isn’t it?”, the voice on the other end of the line launches into a spiel about some wonderful product you really need. But a new approach, no doubt thought up by an up-and-coming young man (women are more sensible), is to start their spiel the moment you pick up the phone. (It might even be automated.) The moment I hear the first few words and realise what’s going on I slam the phone down. So where did that get them? Nowhere! It’s just a waste of my time and theirs. Under the old, soften-up approach I might stay on the line long enough to get mildly hooked. My advice on this new way is to slam the phone down the moment you realise what’s up. Incidentally, if you want to argue this matter with me, come to Orca, 8pm-9.30pm on Friday, January 20. Dave Maybee and Peter Skandera will be playing me out of Raglan. All Welcome.

Ian McKissak