Dear Editor – Thank you

Thank you for putting on your front cover the ‘One issue – the future of Aotearaoa’ slogan at the New Year’s Eve Parade. Thank you, too, to the supportive crowd and also to Lions for organising the enjoyable event and awarding a Special Prize. However, they publicised it as awarded to ‘Aotearoa’. That wasn’t its name, nor was it my entry. The entry was by the ‘Raglan Greens’ and the float a joint effort by several Green Party members. The slogan, as on your cover, was based on an old Green Party poster which read, “The Greens – a single issue party – the future of Aotearoa New Zealand”. On the other side, this was how ‘The solution is Green’ slogan looked.jpohn-letter

There are often two sides to a story; less often to a photo!

Happy New Year

John Lawson.