Dear Editor – Raglan, “The Unique Cottage Industry”

Raglan is still a very small community. Old information used to confirm that a reasonably satisfactory supermarket needed to be backed by about 12 to 15000 people. With respect to Alan Vink and his thoughts on free trade one has to remember,   winters in Raglan are very tough on all businesses.

It is doubtful that chain concerns companies like KFC McDonalds, The Warehouse, etc would quite probably change Raglan but not be really of benefit.

Raglan could become the unique cottage industry centre for the greater part of the North Island, a cooperative drive centred on the Chamber of Commerce could well advance and make this happen. The following could well be set up and trading with a bit of lateral thinking.

Stone carving, glass blowing, various liquor developments, cheese making. A Raglan ice cream, cabbage tree weaving and fine flax.

There could be a place for planning of weddings, etc, and finally the development of a school for all marine activities. I think we have the right kind of people to set something like a cottage industry town going. Get them talking and making a start.


Barry Ashby