Dear Editor – RAS

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Sarah Johnson’s letter to the editor last week regarding the RAS story I wrote recently.

The story was not about a rising school roll – it was about retaining the students it has, that students are staying on at RAS past what is usually considered the primary school years.

I wrote a story in November last year about the rising school roll in Raglan and talked to principal Malcolm Cox then.

At the time he said the climb in the roll corresponded with Raglan’s popularity as an attractive place to live, and he believed it would be even greater if housing wasn’t such an issue in the town.

Malcolm said the same thing again this year when I rang him for my story on the influx of students in year 9 and beyond. That’s not about retaining students, however.

Talking to Bronwyn Haitana gave a different perspective – she talked about education and about what she was trying to achieve for the school, as head of year 0-10 students.

I found her to be passionate and honest – that’s probably why parents like her, too.

She and the parents who were quoted in the story spoke very highly of the teachers at the school – teachers were certainly acknowledged for the good work they do.

I have heard that my story has ruffled a lot of feathers at the school and I wonder why?

Is it not acceptable for a woman in a leadership position to talk about what she is trying to do for the success of the school?

Inger Vos