Orca is in the pink for Brunch for Breast Cancer – Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

Nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day and the Raglan hosts of a Pink Ribbon Breakfast reckon that’s adds up to a whole lot of women, and their families and friends who have been touched by the disease.

The seven friends – Rachel Brown, Lisa James, Maddie Alexander, Rachel Hudson, Charlotte Hartstone, Angelina Muru and Linda Holmes – are hosting a brunch and auction at Orca on Saturday, May 25, from 11am–1.30pm to raise money for and awareness of breast cancer.

“Everybody has got a breast cancer story to tell,” Rachel Brown says.

Her own is a story of self-awareness and seeking expert advice when she turned to Google to check out what an unusual breast pain might be and decided to book an appointment with her doctor.

What Google diagnosed as a rare form of breast cancer turned out to be a false alarm but she says she is glad she didn’t ignore the symptoms.

“There is a lot of information available. I realised how lucky we are to have that support from the foundation.”

The hosts are hoping the Pink Ribbon brunch will appeal to men as well, and say while only a small minority of men are diagnosed with breast cancer, they are also affected when they support a loved one who is battling the disease.

One of the Raglan events staunchest supporters surf star Billy Stairmand lost his mother to breast cancer in 2016 and Rachael says he was super keen to help out.

Represented by his wife Liana at the brunch, the couple are donating surf related prizes to one of the themed packages which will go under the hammer of auctioneer Julie Hanna.

“Families are just as much a part of the breast cancer journey as the loved one battling the disease. We want to remind guys they are really welcome to come along – even though it’s a pink theme it’s not just for the girls. There will be something for everyone,’ she says.

Guest speaker Sacha Coburn, the co-owner of Coffee Culture, breast cancer survivor and keynote speaker about personal and professional leadership, has donated her time to the event.

Her keynotes have been described as part concert, part musical journey, part stand-up comedy and part sermon, and she is known for delivering her hard-hitting message with vulnerability, authenticity and humour.

The money raised from the Pink Ribbon brunch helps fund innovative projects by some of our country’s top researchers, and supports patients and their families during treatment and recovery.

Tickets are selling out quick and can be purchased at Orca or via the Facebook page Brunch for Breast Cancer – Pink Ribbon Fundraiser.

Included in the $25 ticket price is a complimentary beverage, shared savoury and sweet platters and one ticket for the raffle.

Janine Jackson