Caution urged in wider Waikato region as weather sets in

Waikato region residents are being urged to exercise caution on the roads, be aware of the potential for flooding hazards and move stock to higher ground where necessary, given the wild weather setting in further this week.

Ex-tropical Cyclone Cook is continuing to head towards New Zealand. It is currently tracking further west than what was projected on Tuesday.

This means that it may affect the Waikato region more than predicted on Tuesday, said Waikato Regional Council hazards team leader Rick Liefting.

“We urge people to stay up to date with weather warnings and take precautions to protect themselves, their families, pets and property if the situation deteriorates markedly.”

The following heavy rain and severe wind warnings are in place for Waikato and Waitomo:

100 to 150 mm in 33 hours from midday Wednesday to 9pm Thursday; and wind of up to 140km/hour or more possible from Thursday afternoon until midnight Friday.

Meanwhile, Lake Taupo’s level and the Waikato River system are being closely monitored by the regional hazards team and Mercury.

The hazards team and the council’s flood response team are monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates as required.