Q&A with Sean Reid, Chairperson of Raglan Community Radio

Celebrating 25 Years of Raglan Community Radio, we chat to Sean Reid.

When did you first get involved with Raglan Community Radio?

I first became involved in 2001 at the suggestion of friends – it was one of the main reasons for my move to Raglan from Hamilton.

What was the station like back then?

Not too different to what we have today. The equipment was a little older and each day’s roster was overseen by a day manager. What has changed is the community as a whole. It really was a sleepy little village back then. I could step out on the street at the start of my Kiwi Hits show at 7pm and there wouldn’t be a car or person in sight!

Did you expect it to last for 25 years?

We’ve had times when the future of the station has been in doubt but there has always been someone stepping into the breach to provide financial and governance support.

Are there any events you can safely tell us about now that a few years have past?

You’ll have to ask me that question in another 25 years’ time! That being said we are heavily reliant on a diverse range of volunteers and personalities and in the main they engage in a level-headed and responsible manner….in the main….

Are there any shows or DJs that you particularly remember?

Manic Monday’s with Mikey comes to mind – that show title was pretty self-explanatory! The ones I remember the most though are Clint Baddeley and Eddie ‘Captain Pugwash’ Cross who’ve been with us for over 20 years. The efforts they put into preparing and broadcasting has not diminished one bit.

Tell us about the new changes at the station?

Radio has changed a lot in the last decade and while our type of stations isn’t losing listeners like the commercial stations are, our mission to serve the community is taking us to online more and more. We’ve just employed Sarah, one of our DJs in an outreach role and she’ll be cranking up our social media presence and sharing more of our podcasted shows online. You can follow us on Facebook @RCR981 and now on Instagram: @raglancommunityradio. She also has a few surprises in the works that we’ll be revealing to you soon…

What are your long term hopes for the station

It is my hope that the Station’s standing as a community asset continues to strengthen and that we continue to attract content from a diverse range of DJs and other providers.

Who plays the best music at the station?

Everyone! This was the main attraction of the station for me all those years ago. During any given hour you could hear rock, reggae, classical, folk, punk….a community of genres that is truly reflective of who we are.

Raglan Community Radio is celebrating its 25th anniversary on 1st November with a big event at the Raglan Town Hall featuring Lost Tribe Aotearoa and Mighty Mighty. Tickets are available online for only $10 at Dash Tickets.