New Exhibition Provides an Enticing Introduction to Raglan Arts Weekend

Raglan’s annual Arts Weekend will return over Anniversary Weekend, and locals, art lovers and tourists can get a peek of what to expect when an advance exhibition opens at the Old School Arts Centre on Friday 8 December.

Over 30 local artists will be unveiling a one-off, 300 x 300 mm piece of artwork created especially for the event, as well as a showcase piece. Arts facilitator Jacqueline Anderson says the exhibition provides an enticing introduction to Raglan Arts Weekend.

“It’s a great way to get a feel for each artist’s work, see what they’ve been up to over the last 12 months, and maybe even discover a few new favourites.”

Those showcasing their talents include fine arts photographer Geraldine Burns, surfboard carver and sculptor Aaron Kereopa, painter Claudia Grutke, and Rick Youmans, who works with oils and watercolours.

The Arts Weekend Exhibition and 300 x 300 Show will be open daily from Friday 8 December until Monday 29 January (excluding public holidays), between 10am and 3pm at the Raglan Old School on Stewart Street.

Raglan Arts Weekend takes place from Saturday 27 January to Monday 29 January, with artists exhibiting from their home studios and the Raglan Old School Arts Centre. Find out more at