Tarot Talk – Seven of Swords

Welcome to Tarot Talk – a new weekly column in which Chrissy Hodkinson will introduce a Tarot card for the week and provide a little information about it.  We hope you enjoy this space.

This week’s card is the Seven of Swords.

7 Swords

The common name for this card is “The Thief” card. Traditionally, the message is to protect your belongings and property as it can warn of trickery and deception or a loss by theft.

Someone could be working against you or trying to take advantage. However, I think that it can also show us that we need to be alert for opportunities and be willing to take action, even if that means we need to take a risk.

New ideas challenge old assumptions; insights and fresh ideas can spring up. This card can also refer to research and strategic planning. Whatever you undertake, be prudent and watch your step.

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