Raglan Arts Weekend ready to wow with record number of artists signed up

A record number of artists have signed up for the Raglan Arts Weekend this year, which will be held over its new date in Easter from 20 to 22nd April. 37 artists have agreed to open their studios and places of work, making this the biggest open studio style Raglan Arts Weekend ever.

Not only is it the biggest, but this year’s event also promises to wow with 13 new artists to add to many of the established favourites who have drawn art fans nationwide year upon year.

“We’re blown away by the number of sign-ups and the diversity in talent that we’re seeing this year,” says Nicky Brzeska, the co-ordinator for the Raglan Arts Weekend. “Along with some amazing painters, mixed media artists, photographers and ceramicists, we also have tattoo artists, those that forge steel, a furniture carver, a weaver, a floral designer and even an artist who works with dyed bees’ wax,” she adds.

The change of date from the usual Auckland Anniversary weekend has also been met with sighs of relief from artists. Dominique Marriott, an artist who infuses the practice of Japanese brush calligraphy into her life drawings, and who has been participating in the Weekend for three years says: “Easter now means we have that necessary breathing space after the rush of Christmas to focus on new art for the weekend, plus we hopefully don’t have to have our visitors struggle in the high heat we’ve had in the past.”

Visitors should also find it easier to navigate the art on offer with a new web site dedicated to the weekend to complement the growing Facebook page, as well as a newly designed brochure which includes photos of all the artwork up for viewing. “Some people like to simply grab a brochure and hit the streets, whilst others like a bit more context or discussion, and the opportunity to plan ahead, and so having these three mediums certainly helps us cater to all styles,” Nicky explains.

The Raglan Arts Weekend kicks off with the Preview Exhibition from Friday 22nd March 2019 at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre. Visitors can pick up a limited 300×300 artwork from a favourite artist for $200, secure a showcase piece and plan who they’d like to visit. “There’s usually a queue outside at the opening event, so get in quick if you have your eye on an artist’s work that you’d love to have,’ says Nicky.

Over Easter, artists’ home studios will open Saturday 20th April, Sunday 21st April and Monday 22nd April from 10am until 5pm, with a select few closing at 3pm. Some artists will have their open studios at the Raglan Old School Arts Centre from 10am until 3pm.

For further information, visit www.raglanartsweekend.nz , or www.facebook.com/raglanart or pick up a copy of the brochure at the Raglan i-SITE on Wainui Road or at various cafes and galleries across the North Island.

Old School Arts Centre