Raglan Area school PTA has restarted

Last year, a group of parents and staff got together to restart the Raglan Area School Parent Teacher Association, which had not been operating for a number of years.

With all the changes in the school it felt like a good time to kick start another way for parents and teachers to get in behind the school and contribute to making it a success.

The RASPTA currently has four main objectives, but these may change to accommodate new ideas as it grows.

Some of the current objectives of the PTA are to raise funds to provide greater opportunities for the Raglan kids in their education. So far we have done some small fundraising events from providing food at the regional school cricket day, to running a First Aid Workshop and a Beach Rubbish Clean after the Sound Splash event. One of the areas we will be looking at in the near future will be how best to distribute these funds to support the kids’ education.

Some of the other objectives are to increase the discussion between the students, parents/caregivers and the school, as well as help get parents and caregivers involved in the education of their children. The last objective is to work towards improving school faculties.

What we really need is for more parents to get involved. At the moment we have people who have been involved in lots of these types of endeavours through to people who, for them, it is the first time, so it’s open to people of all experiences and skills.

Coming up, we have the AGM where all the positions on the PTA board will be appointed. The AGM is on Monday February 18 at 7pm at RAS staff room. If you can’t make that and are still interested, then we will be posting future events on the Raglan Area School PTA Facebook Page.

Co-treasurer, Cam Kay.