Raglan Naturally: Your community plan – how do we get it?

Kia ora Whaingaroa. For the last six months the Raglan Naturally Steering Group has been exploring the different options for how to get Raglan an updated community plan.

It is now time for you to come and join us!

We can show you the process for engagement and consultation we have come up with. From there you can let us know how you think that is looking, and put up your hand if you want to be involved in any stages.

We have identified key areas of importance.

There will be speakers from groups already working in some of those areas: beautification (Raglan Clean Up Crew) and tourism (Raglan Destination Tourism Action Plan). Other key areas are still aspirational, such as community wellbeing and wastewater 2020.

Whether you have an interest in one of these areas, or in something totally different, we would love to see you at our open day and hear what you would like to take part in.

Poihakena Marae has been hosting our fortnightly meetings and is a true community space. We think it is the perfect place to hold this community day, and hope you make the most of the opportunity to visit your local marae. More information on that coming next week!

See you soon!

Raglan Naturally Steering Group.

What: Raglan Naturally Community Day
When: Sunday, May 21, 1pm-3pm
Where: Poihakena Marae