Introducing ‘Little Paws Raglan’

Little Paws Raglan will be run by the veterinary nurses at Raglan Anexa vet clinic, and will provide an opportunity for clients to gain knowledge and skills concerning the care and wellbeing of their pets.

To kick things off, we will be running puppy classes where owners can learn all the essentials of raising a happy, well mannered, well socialised puppy, and puppies can enjoy a safe learning environment in which to begin their lifelong training. We aim to provide a relaxed and safe environment in which puppies can learn to socialise appropriately with other puppies of varying ages. We focus on the critical learning/socialisation period (between 6-14 weeks of age) and emphasise positive experiences. We aim to guide owners in the early steps of training their puppies with basic commands, and in preventing problem behaviours from developing.


  • Basic handling of your puppy
  • Prevention of unwanted behaviours, such as biting and jumping up
  • Teaching commands such as sit, watch me, down, wait, recall and much more
  • Discussion on appropriate training techniques
  • The importance of positive reinforcement training
  • Socialising your puppy in a safe, positive manner
  • Basic health, nutrition and disease prevention
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Toilet training
  • Crate training
  • Opportunity to ask questions and be provided with constructive feedback

Expected outcomes

Following completion of this course, you can expect to take away many of the basic yet crucial skills and knowledge required to properly care for and train your puppy. You will gain confidence in caring for and handling your puppy. You will take away the information required to raise a healthy and happy dog, as well as prevent problem behaviours from developing. You will be provided with comprehensive information handouts to take home from each class, allowing you to review information and making at-home training easier to follow and complete. You will receive a goodie bag to share with your puppy, as well as a certificate on completion of the course.

Start date: March 7
Day of week: Tuesdays
Total number of weeks/course: 6
Maximum number of puppies per class: 6
Class duration: 1 hour
Cost: $100 for complete course
Venue: Anexa FVC Raglan, 40 Bow St

For more information on these classes or to sign up, please call 07 825 8390 and ask to speak to a nurse, or visit our clinic. Spaces are limited and filling up fast, so get in quick.

The Anexa Team