Thinking of going solar? Introducing your local solar solutions provider

Raglan local Damon Alexander has teamed up with solar panel systems provider, iGenerate, to bring Raglan residents solar energy solutions.

Tell us about what you offer Raglan customers

We design and install residential and commercial grid-tied solar panel systems, battery storage and off-grid solutions. We assess a property’s roof space and current usage, then design and install an appropriate solar system and monitor its ongoing performance.

Is solar a good investment

Generating free energy and using it during the day will definitely reduce your power bills. With a typical payoff time of less than 10 years and a system guarantee of 25 years, you’re getting a return of 12-15% on your investment, which is way better than putting your money in the bank.

You’re also investing in the planet’s future by generating sustainable energy and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s hard to put a price on that.

Can existing houses switch to solar?

Absolutely. If you have an unshaded roof area not facing South then you have the potential to generate solar energy. The more you use during the day the more you save, so it’s a great option if you’re around or work from home during the day. It’ even better if you run air con or a pool pump.

What about batteries? Do they come with the system?

It’s your choice. While there are definite savings and benefits from storing that free energy or having a power backup, batteries are still relatively expensive compared with grid power.  Battery technology is advancing rapidly, however, and costs are coming down so all our systems are battery ready for when the time and price is right.

How did you become interested in providing solar energy solutions?

With power prices constantly rising and solar costs plummeting I realised there’s a real opportunity now to bring competition back into the market. In Raglan, we pride ourselves on our sustainability.  If we can save some money while saving the planet, then that’s a pretty cool thing.

Would you say it’s the way of the future? Why?

Without doubt. Electric vehicles are about to change everything. Our current infrastructure is insufficient to handle their forecasted growth. Solar remains the cheapest and most sustainable way to meet our future energy demands without destroying the planet.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes. All we need is a recent power bill and some info about your electricity usage and we can quickly calculate whether solar would be a good option for you. Interest free finance packages are also available. Call or email me.

0800 745 400