Ozone kitesurfing legends are powered-up in Raglan

Get a bit of air time this summer at Raglan’s premier kitesurfing store and school.

Based at the end of Volcom Lane, downwind from Raglan Roast, Ozone boasts world class instructors to take you through the ropes and wings of the sport, as well as stocking the full range of Ozone designs across all of the sports – kiteboarding, paragliding, speedflying, and paramotoring.

Co-founded by 2016 Masters World Hydrofoiling Champion Matt Taggart and double world Champion in Hang Gliding and Paragliding Rob Whittall, the Raglan-based operation is part of a global enterprise designing some of the world’s premier kites and paragliders.

Rob’s designs have won 12 consecutive World Championships since 2009 and Ozone are recognised as one of the top five brands in the world for kitesurfing and are the leading brand for paragliding, speedflying and parmotor wings.

Raglan is Ozone’s research and development summer base for designing their kite and speedwing range, as well as being the new flagship store and distribution centre for New Zealand.

Matt made Raglan his home in 2007 with kiwi partner Rebecca and along with their two daughters Ruby, 10 and Mila, 9, the family are all keen kite surfers.

“It’s such an awesome sport,” he says. “It gives you a connection to the wind and the connection with the water, it’s a magical feeling using the power of the wind to enjoy the ocean without crowds.”

Matt says it’s a sport for all ages and the equipment is so well designed that after a few hours with an Ozone instructor a novice will be up and flying.

Kiteboarding is scheduled for the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in 2018 and Matt and the Ozone team are keeping their eye out for up-and-coming young talent to nurture and mentor for the 2020 Youth Olympics.

“It’s such and awesome sport for getting children outside,” he says. “Kiteboarding is an addictive, exciting sport for all ages and isn’t as extreme like most people think”

Since establishing themselves in Raglan in 2007, the Ozone team has grown to include top New Zealand and International kiteboarder and product manager Torrin Bright, graphic designer Andy Banks, Ozone New Zealand general manager Stefano Gigli,  Raglan manager Morgan Costa and kiteboard instructor Francois Berck

Janine Jackson

For more information visit ozonenewzealand.com, email info@ozonenewzealand.com or call into the store at the end of Volcom Lane.