Dear Editor – Lorenzen Bay Improved

On November 21 there was a formal opening of the new Lorenzen Bay waterside improvements. This work has been done by a private individual. As I understand it, the local council has only belatedly come to the party. The improvements will make using the waterside much more user-friendly. Boats coming to the waterside to pick up additional people will be much less likely to lose their paint if they accidentally bump the waterside or have forgotten to put fenders out. For people like me, coming out of the water on the old rough steps was a painful experience. I realise this is not an important aspect of the improvements on a wide scale. However, my feet are very important to me and I am sure there will be many other grateful swimmers. In the summer months, Lorenzen Bay attracts an increasing number of out of town visitors who will be impressed by yet another sign that Raglan has moved a long way from the rather wild west look that it had when I first visited it in 1970.

Well done to those who got these improvements done without help from local bodies.

Ian McKissak