Dear Editor – Thanks to The WDC

When we were advised to boil and conserve water on Monday morning, 14 November, due to problems caused by the earthquake, we had to make a quick decision and advise our scheduled guests that we were not able to welcome them at the Bryant Retreat that day. This was understandably very disappointing for women who had been waiting for this respite opportunity for many months.

On Tuesday I was able to have conversations with two of the WDC communications team, Cheryl and Theresa, regarding the situation. Given that their phones must have been running hot, I was overwhelmed by their patience in explaining what was happening, and their reassurances that they would keep me updated. And this they did, to the extent that I felt it safe to accept our group by Wednesday afternoon. Our guests entered into the community spirit by drinking bottled and boiled water and keeping showering to a minimum. Just before close of business on Thursday, I had another call from Theresa, advising of the all-clear with regards to the water purity, but still suggesting we boil and conserve for another 24 hours. What wonderful service! This could not have been an easy time for the council, and certainly not for all affected by the situation, but it was so warming to see how everyone pulled together on this.

So, on behalf of the Bryant Retreat for Women, I would like to say thank you to the WDC and all those who kept us updated. Because of your work, we have some very relieved women, getting the breaks they deserve, in a place that is proud to be part of this warm and caring community!

Robyn Riddle