Eat Well Live Well

free Eat Well Live Well course for senior citizens is being held at the Stewart Street Hall for Raglan’s senior citizens.

The course, which begins on Wednesday, March 8, will involve a cooking programme and ways to stay active and healthy.

It is a chance to socialise and share a meal cooked by professional chef Clive Anderson.

The course is funded by the Waikato District Health Board and delivered by Age Concern Hamilton with the help of Raglan Support Group.

The Raglan Support Group, which was started in 1993 by the late Eileen Miller and her daughter, Carol Johnson, is open to all and gives support to elderly people, those with disabilities and their caregivers.

A meeting is held on the first Wednesday of every month and is presently run by the ladies from Care and Craft.

Raglan Care and Craft was formed over 30 years ago and has regular gatherings on Monday mornings at the Stewart Street Hall. The Senior Citizens meet at the Fire Station on the second Thursday of the month.

All the senior societies welcome speakers from other services groups and acknowledge the work that volunteers do in the area to help keep our senior citizens safe and inform them of what help is available.

One of the major problems for the elderly is brittle bones – it becomes a serious hazard if a person is not steady on their feet.   Tony Agar has been a regular visitor to our groups and teaches a gentle form of exercise called Tai Chi to help keep the body moving and address the problem of balance.

As people are living longer, many pensioners are looking after spouses,  parents and even adult children and grandchildren.  Coping with various disabilities such as heart problems, arthritis, memory loss and cancer is difficult, especially when a partner dies. Grief is not for the faint-hearted at any age. At the same time as coming to terms with   growing old themselves, the 60 and 70 year olds frequently face the challenge of being elderly caregivers, and awareness of what help is available is invaluable.

The Raglan House has lots of information about what services are offered and is in touch with the volunteer groups.

Pauline Abarahams
Health in Your Hands – A column connection with senior citizens in our community