Health in your Hands: Stay home in Level 3

Hi older folk, we are now in Level 3 and still in lockdown for at least another two weeks. We are at the most crucial stage since the beginning of the isolation period over six weeks ago.

The over 70s  according to Siouxsie Wiles (the lady  scientist with the bright pink hair) we are now at the most vulnerable time, and must if possible stay within our ‘bubbles’. Avoid  joining other family ‘bubbles’ as our grown up children are returning to the work force and it is thought  they may pose a possible risk of contracting COVID-19.  Though they may not get seriously ill, as we have seen on the news, the virus can be deadly for those over 70.

We have played our part so far, and now we need to continue to avoid physical contact with anyone outside our bubble and continue social distancing, which means keeping six feet from friends and family. We rejoice that the younger generation can now get start getting back into the work force.

Maybe you can find ways to support mothers with children trying to work from home. This morning I spent an hour talking with my 5 year old grandson in Sydney, It was a bit ‘hit and miss’ and the reception not brilliant, the contact kept cutting out and the sound not the best. However he had a ball and I enjoyed bonding with my grandchild across the ditch, and hopefully giving my daughter- in- law a bit of a reprieve from the endless 5 year old’s questions.

The ANZAC weekend provided a distraction during the lockdown and the weather was very mild enabling small dawn gatherings around the neighbourhood. Tributes were left at the cenotaph, Lest We Forget. The children were encouraged to paint commemorative beach pebbles and they were scattered around the town for the little ones to find.

We send condolences to the family of one of our senior members Mary Robson who passed away last week. Our thoughts are with those who have lost elderly relatives to COVID-19.

My own family celebrated a ‘virtual birthday party on Zoom’ for my Mother who turned 100 on April 27. Her offspring gathered from three continents, helping to create some lasting memories. She even appeared on her favourite TV programme Look North UK, holding her telegram from the Queen.

Don’t wait for a celebration to contact an elderly relative or an old friend, do it now, tomorrow may be too late. Meanwhile keep supporting each other, ask for help if you need it.

 Be safe and stay within a short distance from home.

Pauline Abrahams