Art to wear 2021 returns with a hint of spice

After the cancellation of last year’s event due to Covid, we catch up with the art to wear team  about the new dates for this year:

How has Raglan Art to Wear evolved over the years in terms of ethos and participation?

Raglan Art to Wear show has remained a wonderful opportunity for entrants to showcase their creativity & showmanship.

Community involvement remains paramount in all aspects of the show from planning to production.

Over recent years the use of found or foraged materials in the creation of art pieces has become part of the judging criteria to encourage participants to adhere to the ethos of Raglan as a zero waste leader.

What gives you the greatest joy about the event?

Raglan is known for being a surf town, but there are also so many creative people so one of the joys of Art to Wear is seeing the community engaged in something totally unique – both entrants and spectators. You don’t have to be a professional artist to participate. It is also of course amazing to be wowed by the creativity and effort people put into their designs.

What have been the challenging aspects? How are you affected by the pandemic?

This is a volunteer run event so the challenging aspects of Art to Wear are behind the scenes. We start slowly meeting about 1 year before the event date and then ramp up meetings as we get closer. Everyone volunteers out of love for the event – fitting the time in amongst their other responsibilities. We need to find sponsors and apply for funding, plan the production, and let people know about the event among other tasks. It can be a bit hectic a month before showtime since we never know if people will make and enter! But it always seems to work out.

Because so much goes into planning and running Art to Wear the event is biennial. The last event was meant to be in 2020, but this was canceled due to lockdown.

These events always take a dedicated and skilled team to pull off. How does it all come together?

Jean Carbon absolutely keeps Art to Wear ticking. She knows what needs to happen, makes sure we are all on track and holds all of our meetings at her house with wine and snacks.

What do you say to those in the community considering entering for the first time?

Raglan Art to Wear show and all involved provide a supportive and encouraging social experience for participants their whānau and friends.

We introduced in 2018 a mystery section which is a excellent option for those wishing to have a selection of materials to get the creative juices flowing, or for first time entrants. This is available in 2021 as the “it’s in the bag” section.

A lot of us get hung up on …Should I enter?

I haven’t got the creativity, the materials or the time

Honestly once you stop questioning yourself and start making you will love the process of creating an outfit for Raglan art to Wear .

ANY DOUBTS …. phone or email Jean ; cell 027 2046820  jean

What can we look forward to in this years coming event ?

Always a surprise!

Raglan Art to Wear Team; Jean Carbon, Liz Hosking, Paula Nagels, Irene Goed, Anka Spry, Katy Armstrong, Val Bianchi and Christina Bianchi.