Rivet: New artist exhibition

NOT SEEN MUCH & NOT SEEN @ ALL is the first combined exhibition of paintings and wire sculpture by mother and daughter Ann Byford and Nadine Hollows.

Although independent from each other, there are traits between the two artists’ work that are not visible.  It is more about the combination of narrative and culture binding in the environment.

Ann’s paintings are large and predominately speak of iconic objects in the landscape. She invites the viewer to be up front and personal, to engage with the quirkiness and see ‘The That That It Is’.  She says it is important for the viewer to retain a relationship between an artwork and the subject.

Also featuring in the exhibition is a collection of recent No.8 wire artworks that were finalist entries for the National No.8 Wire Awards.  The uniqueness about these works is the function over form – they work. They speak of culture, fun times and practicality.         

Nadine has recently completed study at Wintec obtaining a Bachelor of Media Arts degree majoring in graphic design.

Nadine lives and works in Auckland, employed as a junior graphic designer for New Zealand Media & Entertainment. She started her degree with the intention of majoring in painting and sculpture but soon become interested in graphic design.

It was in high school that Nadine picked up the brush. Her works employ Colin McCahon influence and with encouragement from her mother, Ann, Nadine‘s painting practice has allowed her to develop freely, away from the constraints of a screen, confined spaces, and rules.  Nadine’s work is popular in Auckland and she has sold work in recent years.

Nadine will be exhibiting new works at Rivet Gallery. These works, as Nadine explains, are  “geometric abstractions that reference the landscape, tangata whenua and the binding of construction with the environment”.

* NOT SEEN MUCH & NOT SEEN @ ALL/Ann Byford & Nadine Hollows, Rivet Gallery, Wallis St, Raglan. Opens Friday, August 18 at 5.30pm and ends Tuesday, August 22.