Raglan Naturally supports planning for the future of Whaingaroa

A Raglan Naturally future focus workshop was held recently at the Kokiri Centre, bringing together local guest speakers and interested community members to discuss some emerging trends which might shape our community in the years to come.

Raglan Naturally committee chair Anna Cunningham says the workshop is one of many community conversations about the future of Whaingaroa.

“How lucky we are to have so many knowledgeable and inspiring people in our community.  I look forward to continuing to have these future-focused conversations throughout the Raglan Naturally process.”

Climate change was a common theme of many of the presentations, Anna says, with the speakers talking about the predicted impacts, but also the opportunities for Raglan to become a resilient community facing these future challenges.

“A lot of the conversation revolved around how climate change will impact on all areas of our lives and how important it is to be considering the short, medium and long-term implications for our community.”

Facilitated by climate change policy expert Charlotte Catmur, the workshop was designed to take a look at the issues facing Whaingaroa now and into the future.

Guest speakers came from a range of different backgrounds all with a vested interest in the Whaingaroa region.

Hapu environmental advocate Angeline Greensill talked about the past, present and future of Iwi and hapu planning, Ngati Mahanga spokesperson Heather Thomson discussed tribal challenges and aspirations, Waitetuna’s Naked Dairy owner Mike Moss talked about the challenges and opportunities for the rural sector and Xtreme Zero Waste relationship manager Rick Thorpe talked about future-proofing Whaingaroa’s waste management systems.

Raglan Electric Bikes owner Niall Darwin discussed how technology can influence our future, Raglan Timebank’s Di Jennings talked about the positive impact of alternative economic systems and Waikato District Council’s senior policy planner Kelly Nicolson was a voice for the council. Also presenting via video, Dr Robin Youngson discussed the emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of communities.

“Thanks to Angeline and Alan Greensill for hosting us at the Kokiri Centre, to all of our speakers for an interesting and engaging morning and to the Raglan Community Board for funding the workshop.”

If you want to find out more or join a focus group contact Gabrielle at raglannaturally@gmail.com.

Image Thanks to Tracie Heasman.