Health in your Hands: February 2018 Newsletter

A column connecting with senior citizens in our community. 

The Raglan Community House is now back to full operations along with the revamped Opportunity Shop.

Monday, February 5, sees  Care and Craft recommencing their weekly meetings and the monthly Raglan Disability Support Group will restart on Wednesday, February 7. Both at the Stewart St Hall. The Senior Citizens meets on Thursday, February 8.

The Raglan Disability Support Group was started in 1993 to provide a safe and caring environment for people with various disabilities and their caregivers. The group provides educational guidance and social contacts, and work in conjunction with the Community House and Age Concern. As well as speakers from different organisations in the local community, there are visits from agencies such as Dementia Waikato and Arthritis New Zealand, keeping the  elderly in touch with their local community and letting them know what help is available on a national level.

Many of the original members and leaders have now passed on and the group is now  run by members of Care and Craft. The Disability Support Group is open to all and welcomes new members and those who may have skills to help those less fortunate to have social contact, develop interests and gain more independence.

The purpose of a Care and Craft Centre is to provide a range of interests and companionship for disabled adults or lonely, housebound people. Founded in Auckland in 1974 by Rewa Henderson, the idea quickly spread to many other areas in New Zealand. A change of focus and decline in numbers has led to the closure of several centres. However Raglan Care and Craft, which started over thirty years ago, still plays an important roll in supporting individuals and  other senior groups.  New members are welcome

Pauline Abrahams