Tarot Talk – Seven of Cups

Hello again from Tarot Talk – a weekly column in which I introduce a tarot card for the week and provide a little information about it.  I hope you continue to enjoy this space.

This week’s card is the Seven of Cups.  This card can show the need to make a decision.  You could be faced with many possibilities and  now is the time to make a choice and turn the possibilities into something more concrete.

The card indicates a state of  dreaming – someone who is able to see beauty and excitement as well as difficulties in the future.  However if we are constantly caught up in our own dreams, fantasies, and/or fears, we can never move forward and make those dreams a reality or overcome those fears. Now is the time to toss away the “castles in the air” and build something solid.

7 Cups

A choice must be made even though the apparent multiple options seems to be causing some kind of paralysis – either fear or anticipation.  It may be that your thinking is muddled and you need to seek some kind of clarity about your options or future direction.

If you are unable to make a decision because of too many options, it may be time to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each and make a considered choice.  When the Seven of Cups appears, it is important to look carefully at how disorganised your situation has become.  It may be that things are a bit chaotic and some reordering or reorganisation is necessary.  It is easy to wish for something, but not so easy to make that wish come true.  So if this could apply to you, make sure that you are backing up your plans with work and effort.   Commit to doing whatever it takes to reach your goals.

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