Tarot Talk

This week’s card is the Two of Wands.  This card says that an offer may be presented to you.  If you don’t feel right about it or it isn’t enough, don’t sell yourself short or settle for less.

There IS something better on the horizon.  The twos in tarot represent discovery, co-operation, effort. Wands also represent energy – such things as: growth, personal identity, new ideas, goals, lifestyle, career, success, enthusiasm – the ways in which we present ourselves to the world.   This card shows your intent. You’ve set things in motion and now wait to see what will happen.  As ideas begin to develop, things start moving along, you begin to see how things materialize. It also means beginning a new project or venture. Trying something out; doing research. Allow yourself free rein and you could be surprised at the results. Make a plan before you start though and think about what or who can help you and what might be holding you back. Overall, great opportunities are on the way.

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