Tarot Talk – Knight of Cups

This week’s card is the Knight of Cups.  This guy is an idealist, the dreamer; the Knight in search of the Holy Grail.

The things that we wish hardest for, invest most energy into, manifest in our lives. This is why it is crucial to be vigilant and watchful about the way we’re thinking and feeling.  If we sink into feeling negative, we often introduce even more negativity into our  lives.  When we want something strongly enough, our positive energy will find that thing manifesting for us.  Explore your dreams and wishes and propel them into everyday life.  All we have to do is wish hard enough.  The energy of the Knight of Cups will help you to achieve your aims.  So spend a little time visualising your goal – then gather all your strong feelings up into a bundle and push them out into the Universe!    The Knight of Cups encourages us to follow our dreams.  This card can also indicate that an invitation, job offer or proposal is possible. You may fall in love with a person or with an ideal.Knight of Cups2 1

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