Tarot Talk – Eight of Cups

Hello from Tarot Talk – a weekly column in which I introduce a Tarot card for the week and provide a little information about it.  I hope you continue to enjoy this space.

This week’s card is the Eight of Cups.  This card can show that a relationship, work project or other aspect of your life may have fulfilled its purpose and it may now be time to move on. 

One of the hardest wisdoms of the heart is knowing when to leave a situation; when to let go.  It can seem like a rejection of the values we hold most important but everything has a season, a cycle and something that has served you well may no longer be doing so. 

8 Cups

See the future calling you and give thanks for, and acknowledge, the experiences of the past.  It may be time to recharge your batteries and rededicate yourself to the core purpose of your life.  Find a depth of meaning in solitude. 

Your inward journey is directly related to the changes in your life.  In stillness and in meditation you can forge a new link with your higher self.  Follow your inner voice to new horizons.

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