The Young Ones: Cloak Bay

Getting to know some of our young local talent. This week we spoke to Lenny and Muroki from the band Cloak Bay.

When did you first start playing together?

We started playing around two years ago with our mentor, the legendary Peter Skandera. Skandy was the person who came up with the idea of a collaboration and the first generation of the band, Raglan Hillbilly’s with our debut song ‘soggy pigeon.’

Where have you performed?

As Cloak Bay we just begun performing live with a bunch super cool and talented dudes, Jacob, Kelvin, Paulo and Tatava. However we will hopefully be making a few appearances around Raglan.

So we heard you have released your first EP. Tell us about that process.

We started by just making some music that we enjoyed listening to at home. Some of our buddy’s thought we should put some of it out onto the web and it was then that our first EP digi town and the boogie boys was birthed. We’d describe our music as a mixture of jazz, indie and blue wave influences.

How did that style of music become your thing?

I guess the style is just a mix of all sorts of music we’re into so it came about through just a shared enthusiasm in similar genres.

How do you work together? Is it a collaborative approach?

Sometimes one of us will write a full song, sometimes it will be kind of half and half, there’s not really any set approach to how we do it just yet.

What can we expect in 2018?

We think we will be releasing a new album and maybe some kind of music videos in the future.

How can we listen to your music?

If you’re keen you can have a listen on, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, CD baby and Google Play.

This week’s Young Ones column is sponsored by Ray White Raglan.